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"________" Arthur breathlessly called. "Why?" he asked, his eyes were showing that he was very hurt. 

You can actually see that his tears were threatening to spill.You felt exposed. Naked. Literally. You gathered some of your clothes and wore them quickly as you felt heavy at heart and you just felt crying, admitting your fault but you don't want to. You can't bear to look at him eye-to-eye. You were caught having sex with another him. "I- I can explain." You managed to say. Your heart beating faster and tears were forming and were falling from your eyes. 

"______" he called in disbelief. "Explain? Explain on what?" his tone became angry. He strides towards you and grabbed your wrist, his grip was firm but still gentle. You tried escaping but he overpowered you and the grip became painful. "Come with me." he sounded really furious. He pulled you and his pace was hard to kepp up. You stumbled a bit and you tried to stop him. and you were on your heels trying to cause more friction. 

"A-Arthur! Stop! You're hurting me!" you cried but it seems it just passed through his ears and the brain has not registered what you were saying. 

After some moments, he got fed up and bent down in front of you and grabbed you over his shoulders. "We are going to my house." he stated.

=-Time skip-=

Arthur drove his car on high speed and he was turning sharply when he needs to. You were on the passenger sit next to him, both of you didn't utter a word since you left the building. You can't say a word and questions has been swirling around your head since then. Why didn't he ran? Did I really hurt him so badly? He would just scold me about this since it's pre-marital sex... Or... Since you were a fifteen year old, Arthur had told you that he has expectations lined up for you. And the most important one is sex allowed after marriage. Now you understood a bit why did he get mad. But on his face, it seems it was different. You wanted to find out but forcing questions now would be worsen the situation.

Arthur made an abrupt stop in front of a cozy bungalow with a fine rose garden on the front yard for display. The lot's border has white wooden fences that only reaches the waist. Arthur stepped out of the car and shut the driver seat's door and went over to your door and opened it. You saw his expression; eyes looking away from you, eyebrows furrowed and lips curved into a slight frown. And it just made you feel guilty. You never wanted to see him having that expression. "Step out." he ordered you. Since you don't want to make matters worse, you stepped out of the car and stood by the mail box. Arthur closed the door and opened the gate and walked past the mini garden and went up the porch and unlocking the front door. You followed him and closed the gate behind you. As you reached the porch steps, he unlocked the door and entered, waiting for you to come in. 

The inside was dark and quite cold. It wasn't eerie but it just made you feel that there are some tragic memories or was it just the feeling that you were afraid of what he will be saying? The small corridor leads to a staircase, the left door-free frame was the living room and the right was a dining room which has big windows. It allowed moonlight to pass through. Same as the window on the ceiling, it lit the corridor with cool blue lighting. It enables you to see much like the antique wooden table at a side with a vase of roses. 

He slammed the door with a bang and turned to you. He lounged forward you and pin you on the wall with your wrist locked under his grip above your head. His head was lowered down and you heard sobbing. He was sobbing. Arthur was crying. This was the first time you ever saw him cry. At times, he would just be depressed for days or drink. But now it seems so different. "God, damn it." you heard him cursed. He then faced you and his eyes were really in a storm (in other words, very hurt). Your lips quivered to say something but he spoke first. "Why? Why did you have that with him?" he asked in demand.

"A-Arthur... I-I..." you stuttered. You can't speak much. You were drowning in guilt and now you were starting to condemn yourself.

"What?!" he suddenly yelled at you.

You suddenly broke into a cry and shut your eyes as you can't bear to see him. "I-I did not know!" you replied.

"You did not know you had sex with that guy? I've told you a lot of times! You can't just sleep around with just anyone!" he scolded.

"You did not even know what I have been through before that happened!" you defended yourself. You can't hold it. You didn't know. You thought that guy was Arthur. "If only you knew!"

"Then tell me what happened?" he raised his voice.

You paused for a while, holding back the tears in vain. "I..." you started softly. "I thought he was you... Those familiar looks and distinctive eyebrows." you explained. "I didn't want to... until he sort of convinced me by his actions..." You concluded that he has not seen that guy's face.

Arthur was shocked by your explanation as he retrieved his hands back to his side. He raised his right hand and ran through his messy blond hair in frustration. "You thought... He was me?" he repeated. He stumbled back and sat on the floor. He massaged his temples as he processed what you have said. "And you didn't want to..."

You stepped closer in front of him. "Arthur, I really-" he stopped you by pulling your hand and into an embrace (or rather a tight hug) "Arthur? Why are you hugging me? Aren't you furious?"

"It's not your fault' love." he softly replied.

"Not my fault? How come?" you asked. You didn't understand. You were about to push him but he tightened the hug. "Arthur, what do you mean?"

He heaved a deep sigh. "It's complicated. It's beyond human understanding."

"I might not process all the info but it's best for me to know what's going on."

He pushed you  a bit gently to create a comfortable space. He caressed your face and held your arm. "I did black magic last week when I was away. Something went wrong... So the results that I wanted didn't happen. Instead, I had brought another me here from another dimension. He is my opposite. Our names are both Arthur but to differentiate, call him Oliver. He is my second person, after all. The opposite of me. Now, you get it?"

"Yeah... But which dimension did he come from?"

"The dark world, the opposite of this earth." he replied. "It's not safe for you to be with him. I can't let you be with him."

Clap. Clap. Clap.

"What a good television drama." someone commented. Both of you jerked to the source which was on the front door frame, the door was open. It was Oliver. He has a kitchen knife on his right hand with bloodstains on it. Some blood had splattered on his pink vest, face and hair. And those icy blue orbs were glowing. "Good explanation, Artie~" he cooed. "But you made me sound like a bad guy." he pouted.

"O-Oliver..." the name escaped from your lips.

"Oooo~ ____ has learned my alternate name. Isn't that good, Artie~?" He took a step forward. 

Arthur's grip became firm and he pulled you closer to him as he gave Oliver a glare. "I won't let you take her away from me." he said firmly.

"Oh~ but you knew we had done that?" Oliver challenged with his infamous grin.

"You raped her!" Arthur accused, getting more furious.

"If she was begging for more, does that count as rape?" He asked. With triumph on his face, knowingly that Arthur can't counter that statement. Arthur drifted his gaze downwards. "Ahahaha~ Arthur, Arthur, Arthur. Will you really forgive her sin?"

Arthur sighed. His mind was arguing with his heart for an answer. He looked up to you. "Well," he turned to Oliver with a determined gaze. "It's not her sin. She is innocent and whatever she does, I will still accept her." As he stands up, he still have you in his embrace. "I won't give her to you!" he declared.

"Oh, you won't, Arthur." Oliver stated playfully. "Because... I am going to steal her away from you!" he yelled as he threw his kitchen knife, aiming for Arthur.

In a split second, smoke burst and you felt fuzzy and nauseous. You saw nothing but black with golden light zooming past you. You disappeared with Arthur before Oliver, you guessed. You felt like vomiting and felt your eyes getting heavier as everything went black.

~Meanwhile at Oliver's side~

"I almost got him." Oliver muttered as he walked towards his knife and bent down to retrieve it. The knife was half-buried in the floorboard. He pulled it without effort. He stood up straightly as his infamous grin formed on his face. "Don't worry, poppet. I will get you back."
Part 3!! Yay~

And yes it is actually a threesome (Cos I like tug-of-wars :D)
And if you ask me what would be the ending look like? It would be something like-

Haha~ I actually really don't have the time to type it on the computer so I may update at least 3 days. And most is 1 week. I write it down on a notebook so I can type and improve. (Actually, I write all of these mostly during classes XD including the lemon)

So yeah, Other parts are here:
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(I don't really know where the story will end. :l)
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OTAKUIN23 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
.....OF COURSE IT'S STILL CALLED RAPE!! You didn't get her consent from the very beginning Oliver!
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Holy shit ahhhhhhh
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It spuds awesome plz write more
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:0 I am just speachless.... and i am still having a major nosebleed...
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2P!World, it attracts more fangirl o.o Why do you want to destroy it TT.TT
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